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Tesla Shift Knob Covers

Tesla Shift Knob Covers

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Tesla Shift Knob Covers

Tesla has a very smooth and functional shift Knob for Model 3, Y, the old generation of S and X (and the Tesla Roadster 1, for god sake its like 20 years ago)

Again OEM shifter is good enough, the cover is cheap plastic with water marked carbon fiber color on it...cost 2 dollars to manufacture, and sells for over 60 bucks. 

The good thing is, the edge of this thing usually is sharp like a cardboard knife, it WILL cut your finger when you shift on the edge of knob...(learned from the hard way)

Once you got cut and want to remove this crazy thing, you will find the 3M glue/sticks are exceptionally hard to remove and will leave a mark to your OEM Knob. (you might even break the knob if you try to remove it forcely)

Do you have enough bandage or a pair of gloves while you drive? Then please be my guest, enjoy the plastic knob cover! 

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